4.58pm  That is all from this game. We have another game lined up for you. Join us for Chattogram Challengers vs Rangpur Riders by switching the tabs shotly. From here, it is goodbye.
4.57pm  Anamul Haque says as a team they played well and executed the plans perfectly. Reckons he just asked the players to play with freedom and confident. Tells they will recover now and are looking forward to the next match.
4.56pm  Wayne Parnell is the Player of the Match. He says he feels fine, he is traveling a lot lately but is happy to win. Adds he knows the conditions here well and just kept it simple. Credits the way Afif Hossain and Shai Hope batted. Tells the old school Test cricket lengths works and to keep it basic was the word around.
4.53pm  ...Presentation time...
4.52pm  Taskin Ahmed says around 125 runs on the board was never enough. Adds in this format, they have to be one step ahead of the opposition and reckons he learned a lot while captaining for the first time. Shares they could have done well in both departments in this tournament.
4.51pm  Durdanto Dhaka are nothing but out of the tournament now. As said before, they lacked runs to play with and depended too much on Shoriful Islam and Taskin Ahmed! The others didn't step up when it mattered the most.
4.50pm  A win means Khulna Tigers keep their playoff hopes alive. The good thing was they chased it without wasting much time which helps them to better their net run rate. Durdanto Dhaka were clearly short of runs. It was a good pitch to bat but they kept on losing wickets regularly and no one came up with a big score. Mosaddek Hossain and Chaturanga de Silva hit few runs in the back end to give a competitive total but Khulna Tigers were up for the task. They lost Anamul Haque on the first ball but the stand between Shai Hope and Parvez Hossain Emon killed the game. Afif Hossain then later played a quick innings to chase it down with ease.
Shoriful Islam to Wayne Parnell
FOUR! Wayne Parnell hits the winning runs. Very full and outside off, this is lofted over to long off for a boundary. Khulna Tigers win by 5 wickets.
Shoriful Islam to Wayne Parnell
Length ball, outside off, Wayne Parnell drops it to point.
Taskin Ahmed to Afif Hossain
Two runs needed now. Fuller and on the pads, Hossain whips it behind square on the leg side for a couple.
Taskin Ahmed to Wayne Parnell
Short and on the leg side, this is pulled to long leg for a single. Khulna Tigers one hit away.
Taskin Ahmed to Wayne Parnell
A length ball, outside off, Wayne Parnell punches it to cover. Three dots now.
Taskin Ahmed to Wayne Parnell
Drops it short again on middle, Parnell defends it out.