4.38pm  Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. The action in the Bangladesh Premier League continues as the match number 2 of the double-header will be kicking off shortly. The first ball will be at 6 pm IST. Although, you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, goodbye.
4.37pm  Litton Das, the skipper of Comilla Victorians talks about the game being a really good one for the batters who came back in form. HE also mentioned that Rishad Hossain has emerged as a trump card for them and he is very proud of the way that he has bowled. Extends his gratitude towards Will Jacks and Moeen Ali for their superb all-round performance in the game.
4.34pm  Will Jacks is the POTM, at the presentation he says that he feels really good to be scoring for the team. Adds by saying that it was a very good wicket to bat and the way Litton Das started the innings gave him alot of confidence to carry on from there and finished the innings really well with Moeen Ali. Ends by saying that it has been a good game for us and will give everyone alot of confidence.
4.32pm  Comilla Victorians were in trouble early on, especially with how the opening partnership was building, in simple words, it was an effortless knock with a huge impact. Nevertheless, Litton Das kept his nerves, there were a couple of dropped catches as well early on, but it was the magic of Rishad Hossain that got some composure back in the play for Comilla Victorians. Soon, Moeen Ali joined the party and both the spinners combined for 8 wickets, and put this game to bed.
4.29pm  Chattogram Challengers were always going to find it difficult to chase down the highest total in the history of the Bangladesh Premier League, but they started their run-chase emphatically well and on a promising note as well. Josh Brown and Tanzid Hasan, followed their own mantra of keeping things casual at the start, they dealt in just singles in the first over, but made sure they do the harm by punishing the poor deliveries. They stitched a wonderful opening stand of 80 runs, but both the openers were sent back in a jiffy. Although, both the teams were level at halfway stage at 103/2, so one could say it was still in the balance.
4.28pm  A commanding victory for the Comilla Victorians with a difference of 73 runs here. Moeen Ali with a fitting end to this game. Seals it with a hat trick. Hats Off!
Moeen Ali to Bilal Khan
OUT! TIMBER! Moeen Ali takes the hat trick! What a performance! The Comilla Victorians have won the game and what a dramatic end to the innings as Moeen Ali finishes things off in style! Nails a yorker with pace on the middle stump line and Bilal Khan walks down the track and swings his bat, in turn missing the ball completely. The ball rushes onto the middle stump and the Comilla Victorians win the game by 73 runs.
Bilal Khan b M Ali 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
4.12pm  Bilal Khan walks out to bat at number 11.
Moeen Ali to Al-Amin Hossain
OUT! Moeen Ali gets two in two! Will Jacks picks up his FIFTH catch of the innings. Pitches the ball up on the stumps this time and Al-Amin Hossain slogs the ball high with no timing at all, taking it straight to the hands of Will Jacks who takes his fifth catch of the innings. Moeen Ali on a Hat-Trick!
Al-Amin Hossain c W Jacks b M Ali 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
4.12pm  Al-Amin Hossain walks in to bat now.
Moeen Ali to Shohidul Islam
OUT! STUMPED! Moeen Ali gets his second wicket! Bowls the ball away from the off stump with pace. Shohidul Islam steps out of the crease and offers a blind swing of the bat that misses the ball completely. The wicketkeeper grabs the ball and removes the bails sending Shohidul Islam back into the dressing room.
Shohidul Islam st MI Ankon b M Ali 2 (4b 0x4 0x6)
Moeen Ali to Shohidul Islam
Wide! Wayward outside the line of the off stump. Wide called.